Sunday, April 26, 2015

Diary Entry 04-26-2015

I do believe today is a very active day for me. I learned that working on a number of paintings at the same time is more fulfilling than one at a time. Granted right now I don't have the materials to finish all these paintings, but I can sure work on them and get them all ready for the finishing touches....meaning the application of the texture medium. The last two days I spent gluing up two small chassis of 22X16 Inches or 55.88 X 40.64 CM for my rest of the world friends. It's always a joy to be able to create a painting almost from the ground up. Notice I said almost, I know I can't go out there and grow the tree, cut it down, and mill it up. But it sure feels good to know you built this thing with your own hands. Now they are ready for paint and I've been in the studio painting them white, getting them ready for whatever pigments they might call for.

I've also been working on my second fluorescent painted chassis, the first was orange, this next one is red. They sure do and will make for one heck of a contrast to what they will be paired with. The iphone I have doesn't do well for they types of colors, so bear with me.

The painting is not a landscape format as it is shown here, I prefer doing portrait format paintings. It's such a wonderful feeling to make new paintings, to create what one has never seen before, it's fun.

I've also decided to do my first all silver'ish painting. I've had this silvery gray yarn for a while now and been toying around on how to use it in the best way. I've had this chassis from the only yarn painting to be dismantled, and been wondering what was going to eventually be made from it. Now I know. And I feel it is going to be glorious. Pic below only shows the side and some of the back, I don't usually show that side to people, but it is a very important part of the painting as a whole.

I used to think painting one at a time was the way for me to go, but I now think that was because I simply didn't have the space to work on more than one at a time. Now I have the space and am truly enjoying going from one to the other, while one dries, I can be working on another painting. It's really kept me busy in the studio. One might think I'm getting ready for an exhibition. Well, it's just what being a painter is. It's what you do. Whether you have an exhibition coming up or not, you gotta paint.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Future Seasons Past

While in NYC. I always try to make a special day for visiting galleries. Here's my favorites from the show at Lehmann Maupin.

Finally got to see one of these paintings by Ashley Bickerton. WAY more intense in person.

Ralph Humphrey at Garth Greenan

Ralph Humphrey is a legendary painter that you don't hear a lot about these days. But he was always pushing the medium of paint as far as he could take it. These are a selection of his last paintings at Garth Greenan.

Willem De Rooij at Petzel

Willem De Rooij is an artist I have just came upon...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Armory Show Fair: Contemporary Side Part 3

Part 3 of our walk through the Armory Show at Pier 94 begins with a Sergej Jensen painting. Much different from the work I have known of his work. Usually it's very stark and reductive, this is vastly different from that work. Much more formally representative as if it were a renaissance painting. I found myself enthralled by it and wished I could have it. Glad Regen Projects brought it to the Pier.

Liz Larner is a new name to me also. Regen Projects had a piece by here that at first reminded me of a flattened skateboard. Upon closer inspection, I saw the wonderful warping of forms and reflections. I'd definitely like to see more of her work.

I only know Jef Verhayen's work online, at least until a few days ago. And only now do I hear about his work through the Axel Vervoordt Gallery, which was showing this painting from 1960. Quite beautiful with a sense of yearning as I gazed upon it.

I do not know about Hyong-Keun Yun's paintings but this one sure made me want to learn more about them. Quite a beautiful and mysterious black painting. But as the plate says... Burn Umber & Ultramarine, which layered creates one very nice black color.

Lucia Bru's work was another that reveals itself to the sensitive observer. More work I wish I could have in my collection. Axel Vervoordt really had one of the more interesting booths in my opinion.

The Japanese Gutai artist Kazuo Shiraga has been gaining much deserved attention over the past 5 years in the NY art world. It's just too bad he passed away in 2008 before the world really began to learn about himself and his fellow Gutai Artists.

I did not take a picture of the nameplate as this was one of the galleries that felt too cool for nameplates, preferring to write them in pencil on the far side of each wall. Steven Parrino has been shooting up the art market side of things since he passed away. I just wish a painter like he could have gotten the attention he deserved when he was alive. I know many of his friends and colleagues wish that too. 

The second Gunther Forg painting on lead that I have been able to witness in person. Quite a mysterious painting that almost seems to push you away from it with it's presence.

Another Parrino...only two did I find at the fair and they were both with this gallery...which I can't remember the name.

Ugo Rondinone showing at Eva Presenhuber Gallery with a wonderful sky gradient painting. Tops shaped like clouds. Definitely a painting to brighten your day.

Paper and Tape are all Wyatt Kahn needs to create something delicate and demanding at the same time.

My first Oscar Tuazon work and it's quite intriguing. Plaster and Steel embedded into it, who knows what else he did with this, could be fire, could be paint, either way, it sure it a piece I'd dig having.

More Callum Innes but this time from Sean Kelly Gallery NYC. I'm still waiting for Sean Kelly to announce the next exhibition of Innes.

This Jose Davila reminded me of the first time I went to the MCA Chicago and saw a Flavin on a wall like this, granted that one went the opposite way. Davila took such a photo, printed it onto vinyl and proceeded to cut out the actual lights and allow the wall to stand in for it. Very cool. Would have been better without the neon beside it though.

Ben Brown had this wonderful Lucio Fontana among a number of other wonderful pieces in their booth.

My first Tony Bevan in person. Thanks Ben Brown, been wanting to see his work for a long time.

Another wonderful Enrico Castellani, one of many at this years Armory Fair.

One of the few Gunther Uecker pieces at the Armory, this one from Ben Brown Fine Arts.

I do not know Djamel Tatah's work but this painting was very sensuous and enticing. I will definitely be following Tatah's work.

The last work I photographed in the Contemporary Wing, Nabil Nahas, a painter who my work has been alluded to, which I don't see at all. It's quite a beautiful painting that really had viewers transfixed. Very glad Ben Brown Fine Arts brought it for us.

Until Next Year!!!

Thanks for your time.