Wednesday, September 13, 2017

One last post....

It is only a few more days until I make my choice and put it to the pavement. Leaving Ohio once again for NYC. This time I am fully aware of my intentions and have let others know of them too. I'm coming for you, New Yorkers. For now I'll leave all my friends here with this wonderful clip from a great movie... ROUNDERS. This clip is Martin Landau talking about how destiny chooses us and how we need to follow what it has in mind for us.There is much wisdom in here for you. I truly look forward to seeing my friends and colleagues again. I look forward to hours upon hours of talking about art. I look forward to all the new art I will be able to immediately see and engage with. I look forward more to sharing my art with the world, as I know i'll be able to reach my goals so much faster in the art hub of the United States of America, a place where dreams come true.

Monday, August 21, 2017

The renaissance days of conversation.

We are in a spectacular time in this modern age of the smart phone, broadband, and live video streaming wherever you wish it to be...unless you live in the super rural areas. As a fan of so many live streaming podcasts, podcasting is such a strange word that no longer fits it's definition. These days what we have is live conversations between friends and conversations with people the interviewer WANTS to know. Granted I will say that my first interview recordings I got into were the ones by the Giant of interviewing...Tim Ferriss, not only is the guy a legendary writer and man who can break down just about anything to help you the viewer learn better and faster. The world needs more people like Tim. But right after that the 2nd place would have to be Mr. Joe Rogan, for if not for him. I wouldn't know about my 3rd in the list of most important to me podcasts, Joey Coco Diaz. The guy whom I learnt about during one of the Rogan streams he did with Andrew Dice Clay. Joey was a special guest on it and at the time, I had no knowledge of this guy who was going to quickly become my favorite living comedian. I've yet to meet a person who is more real and unafraid to be himself.

I really dig watching Rogan talk with people from all kinds of different places. Today as I was watching 1001 he had the 4th interview with a gentleman who was in the CIA. Now THAT guy can give you some stories that'll freak you out, or maybe not, depending on your level of being. Joe is one hilarious comedian who really breaks down things for his fans into wonderful bits and jokes for his fans that keep em rolling in the isles.

This #1000 episode was so monumental, no one else really has done as much or probably will do as much as Joe Rogan when it comes to his reach and how he does it. The guy is a true professional and knows how to enjoy a conversation with someone, as well as he knows how to have fun, and know exactly when to bring in the fart and shit stories. Tom Segura shows easily how much fun he had conversing with his best friends on a live stream, as Tom also has his own podcast...seems like most comedians these days do. His is called "Your Moms House", and is quite funny, they like to watch clips from the net and talk about them with special guests. His wife is the co-host, which is fantastic to show that you have that good of a relationship with your significant other that you can share and have a bunch of fun in a podcast together.

Dean Delray is a famous comedian who began as a musician, which makes for awesome conversations each and every time he's on The Church. He and Joey LOVE to get into talking about albums. It's like those times when you got to hang out with your friend who was also seriously into music, you two would get together, put on an album and then just talk about every bar of every song. Especially this he spoke in detail about things that can really help anyone who has been struggling in the creative arts. I made my own clip out of it and put it on my facebook page to see if others would watch it.

There really is a Church for just about anything you are going through. This one in particular inspired so much response that they did another episode right after it with their friend Ari Shaffir who called in and they spoke about depression and dealing with life. If you become a fan, one thing you'll love is listening to Lee Syatt, as that fella has the funniest laugh. Sometimes I wanna make a video of just Lee's laughing, cause it's contagious.

Bert Kreischer is yet another great podcaster. These are more just getting to know you kind of podcasts, they don't go deep, or as deep as things get with The Church. This particular episode with Christopher Titus is excellent, as Titus is one of my favorite comedians. I always loved his stories about his family, you should listen to his stories, you probably have more in common with him than you think.

Tim Ferriss has done so much for people into building businesses and making your life better through more efficient learning. This particular episode with Arnold Schwarzenegger is quite good to help you get off your ass and do something worthy.

Marc Maron is yet another who does mostly audio only podcasts. Like many comedians, he began by interviewing his friends and talking himself. In time he has grown this podcast to include some of the most famous people on the planet. This particular one I have here is with Robbie Robertson. If you don't know who he is, go look him up. I'll wait, oh wait, no I won't. Maron also had a wonderful tv show for 4 seasons on IFC, Independent Film Channel, which let's be honest, stopped showing independent films not long after showing up in the cable roster. It's hilarious with a lot of what were probably personal lessons for Marc, and because of that, it works so well with his comedy. Which personally, I like way more. If you get a chance, get on Netflix and watch THINKY PAIN. And if you get the chance see the MORE LATER special too, but it's on a channel called EPIX which is hard to get programs from.

These are just a few of the MANY podcasts going on these days. If you know me, you know which one I watch most. I'm a full fledged member of The Church of What's Happening Now!


Monday, August 14, 2017

Has Anyone Seen Leger's Palette Lately? Frederic Matys Thursz

I have been asked a number of times about this wonderful piece by Frederic Matys Thursz, one of the lesser known of the Radical Painting group. (If you know me, you know why I said that.) Frederic Thursz is probably the best writer on painting i've read. His writings are so visual they work perfectly with his own paintings. This guy was truly in touch with what he was doing. Most painters including me wish we were this lyrical with our talking about painting.

Take some time, you can enlarge the photos, if you know how to do so. If you don't know, what you do is when you click on the image and it pops up in the shadowbox. You then right click and choose to Open Image in New Tab. That'll let you see the image the way I uploaded it, making the reading that much easier to do. Or just click the Command + buttons to enlarge the page, then when done click command and 0 to reset your text size to normal.

Enjoy this wonderful piece on one of his favorite painters, Leger.

Enjoy and Thanks for viewing. I'm glad to be able to share these online for your viewing. I remember how difficult it was to read papers like this around 99, but slowly it's been getting easier, thanks to people like me, so you can view rare papers. I've got another paper or two that i'll be sharing in the next few days.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

In the Studio with Carl Belz on Joseph Marioni

In the catalog for Joseph Marioni's exhibition at the Rose Art Museum, which in turn was the last exhibition to be made by the late Carl Belz. Apparently because someone who was on the museum's board didn't like Joe's paintings, and threatened to pull their money if the museum didn't fire Belz. Carl has proven this in the interview I did with him. Sad to see politics getting in the way of great paintings. In the catalog Carl told the story of being introduced to the work of Marioni. It's such a wonderful story. I'm tired of uploading it again and again in PDF form, and they just keep getting deleted over time. So why not just put each scanned paper on here for you the viewer.

More well deserving papers to be put up soon. Thanks for viewing.

Monday, June 12, 2017



The time of year when nature truly begins to heat up. Least for those of us in the northern hemisphere. People begin walking around wearing less and less, it's nice if you are walking around doing some people watching. For me it's mostly just another time of year to stick myself in a conditioned room and wait out the time.

I don't like running this blog like others do with theirs. I'm not interested in constantly finding new readers or trying to get a job from this. I'm only interested in sharing when the mood really hits me. Today it's hitting me. I was watching this pretty good documentary on painter Francis Bacon and figured I'd share it on here. I'm a lukewarm at best fan of his work, who knows, maybe I just haven't seen enough work in person to truly call myself a fan. The older I get the more my desires for things change, I used to think I could tell if I liked work in person by the reproductions. For the most part...I can. But there were a few times when things really changed for me when I saw the work in person, which in turn made me change the way I talk about work online. I enjoy doing reviews in my own way of good shows, but I don't get out a lot to see shows I WANT to write about. Looking forward to more of that in the future.

This Bacon film is quite well made. The people who filmed it and the editors really did a great job on it. I usually watch art docs and make my own commentary on how I would have done it differently (Troublemakers is one of them). This one there aren't enough to even warrant talking about it. The company that makes these does a really good job at art docs.

Thanks. Have a beautiful week.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Website and Email Under Maintenance.

It's time for my website to undergo maintenance, so until it's all back online, my website AND email are undergoing a shutdown. In the meantime I'll be adding more upon here.

You'll always be able to reach me through @ or on Facebook or Instagram.

I appreciate your interest in my work and hope your week is a beautiful one!


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Seattle Showing with Friends

A few months ago, I got a call from my private dealer. They told me they were working with a gallery in Seattle about doing an exhibition. I said heck yeah and now it's on. Frederick Holmes Gallery in Seattle Washington is where it's at! The opening was last Thursday and the exhibition runs through the month of April 2017. The exhibition includes 3 of my paintings along with works by Darryl Hughto and Susan Roth. This is my second show west of the Mississippi River. But the first show with paintings. I'm so happy and grateful for this and I just wanna show it off as much as possible. Here's some wonderful pics courtesy of my dealer.

You can also see the email press release here..

Big Thanks going out to the Frederick Holmes Gallery.

You can also check out the video made by the gallery of my paintings.

Thanks Everyone!!!

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