Saturday, August 30, 2014

Throne Suite +1

One of the ideas that came to me while in this giant studio from the Tamaqua Elks Lodge and the Tamaqua Artist in Residence Program, was to make a suite based on the positions of the thrones that used to be in this room for meetings. There are four Thrones, that includes the Exalted Ruler's Throne. The first painting I completed in the studio is Exalted Ruler. These are a suite of three paintings that symbolize the three lower powered Thrones in the room. There is a regal feeling to these paintings and I hope the message comes across in these photos. 

Each of the paintings is 48 X 36 Inches and is Acrylic, on Acrylic Yarn, on Acrylic Coated Wood Chassis. 



Throne #1

Throne #2

Throne #3

 In the meantime between the finish of White Suite and the Throne Suite I made one painting
Acrylic on Acrylic Yarn on Acrylic Coated Wood Chassis. 

Don't forget, September 13th is the opening of ELK PAINTINGS at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center.


Monday, August 25, 2014

White Suite

Sitting in the studio one day while working on what became Throne #1. I had a vision of a painting that wasn't immediately viewable at a distance, one that you almost might not even see. In this studio sits a far wall with two doors flanking it. It was here that the idea began. The original idea was a permanent painting to take place over the entirety of the wall. But alas, I knew this was a temporary space and the painting would not last. I didn't want that to happen at this point in my life. I then began to plot out a painting that would be movable like the rest of my work, but could be in a sense "camo" to the wall. Hence the idea of the white painting with white yarn and a white chassis. Once the first one was complete, I spent the next couple days admiring it, and thinking of doing a suite. After the 2nd day, I began work on the suite. I felt it had to grow to an amount that would really engulf the viewer, but would also be portable. One of my favorite sizes of paintings that I make is the 22X16" format. I love it's symmetry. Come check it out for yourself...

There is still a few days to see these paintings in their natural environment before they are moved to the Tamaqua PA Community Arts Center.

And please don't forget the September 13th is the opening of ELK PAINTINGS at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

07-11-2014 (Throne 1)

Visions of more paintings haunt me while I visit with my newest painting, a 48X36 inch painting I refer to as Throne 1. Being that I have been painting in the Elks Lodge in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, I have been influenced by the studio itself and the history that has taken place in that room.

While viewing this particular new painting. I keep having visions of more and more paintings.

The above is a particularly large image, put here specifically so you the online viewer can right click, view image, and see it incredibly closely as it lies on the floor.

Thanks for taking the time to view these images. If you can please do donate to the cause of my first art residency in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

07-05-2014 (Exalted Ruler)

First painting made in the Elks Lodge Studio here in Tamaqua Pennsylvania. I have titled it as I usually do, which is to have it be the date that I finished it. But because this painting has a significance for me, being that this is my first art residency, and I am painting in an Elks Lodge. I have decided to give it the subtitle of Exalted Ruler. It now sits in the studio where the Exalted Ruler would sit. And will do so until my time at this residency has come to a conclusion.

72" X 52" Acrylic Paint on Acrylic Yarn on Painted Wooden Chassis.

As you would see it in the studio, where the Exalted Ruler's throne would be.

I have included this image ^^ to allow you to right click on and be able to open up in a much larger viewing area. Giving you access to much more detail.

This was taken before I put it back on the wall. You can see the underside detail better in this image.

Right side detail.

Left side detail.

I always like to include side perspectives of my paintings in reproduction. This time I get to show off the painting in a much more open area.

And onto the next painting.

Please do help keep this residency going for me by contributing to my indiegogo campaign.


Monday, July 7, 2014

Tamaqua AIR Week Three

First week of being the first Tamaqua, PA AIR was quite a trying one. Mostly because of the weather and all the steps in the building of my studio. Being in an Elks Lodge, it's quite a large building. I still have yet to measure the size of the studio, but you can see from the photos, it's quite large. I'm able to work on large paintings, but right now don't have the funding to be able to make those paintings. If you enjoy these posts and would like to support initiatives like this for culture, please do so through my indiegogo campaign, all the funds will be going to me whether or not the campaign reaches it's full amount.

Here's the pics from the first few days of getting things straightened out.

Painting to the left is 4X3ft, right side is 72X52in.

My Palette for this journey, I'm already down quite a bit from miscalculations on the amount of pigments I would need to make my large amounts of texture. This is one thing your contribution will go toward helping with.

I found some tables that really helped in getting the chassis' painted.

Time to get serious.

I began the second week by starting on the wrapping of the two chassis' that I had available to work on.

The wrapping of this particular stretcher took me two separate times in the studio. Too hot on one end and all that walking in a circle made me dizzy. Also mentioning that the Yarn makes me hot from just working with it.

Time to wrap the chassis' in the acrylic yarn that has become my new substrate. It's quite an interesting material to work with. Allowing the colors to give such new dimension to the paintings. Dimension that had never been seen before in my paintings and I am looking to develop further.

Here you can get a view you'll never see in a gallery or museum, from the back, you really see how the texture wraps around and into the acrylic yarn. In the second photo you can even see the middle cross brace where the back of it is not painted but the side is still DNA Orange from Guerra Paint.

Me and the first TAIR painting in the Elks Lodge Studio.
"07-05-2014 (Exalted Ruler)" 72x52"
Acrylic on Acrylic Yarn on Chassis.