Friday, May 20, 2016

Kissed by the Sun

I came back from visiting some galleries today to find this happening on my painting. So naturally I grabbed my cameraphone and got some pics. Thankfully this new cameraphone is so much better than my i-4 which stunk for taking pics of dominantly red paintings. This LGG4 is much better at it. Click on the images to open them larger. I hope one day you too will be able to have this experience with your and with my work.

Cheers to all.

Painting is:
36X48 Inches
Acrylic on Acrylic Yarn on Painted Wood Chassis.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pink Time!

Toward the end of 2015 I had a desire to bring PINK into my work. It began with 01-14-2016 and continued with these two paintings below. The pink idea came from a Jonathan Lasker show at Cheim & Read Gallery in NYC, I saw this one painting by him and it gave me an urge to go pink for a while. When I think about these three paintings, actually two when it comes to actual pink paint, I burnt myself out on pink. Guess it was a culmination of a number of factors, but I won't bother you with that.

22 X 16IN
Acrylic on Acrylic Yarn on Painted Wood Chassis

22 X 16IN
Acrylic on Acrylic Yarn on Painted Wood Chassis

This is one of the few paintings I have made with 2 colors of yarn over the chassis. I don't do that much but I always seem to like it's flavor.

As always, click on the images to open them larger.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blackening the beginning of the new year...

22 X 16 IN
55.88X40.64 CM
Coal Mixed Acrylic on Acrylic Yarn on Painted Wood Chassis

First painting of 2016, continuing the idea of using Coal from the region I was living in as an additive to the paint. This painting was done quite different from the one in 2015, I only mixed the Coal in with the texture instead of dropping the coal on top of the already painted substrate. I decided the previous painting had so much coal on it that it became a bit of a kitschy visual statement. Too out front instead of subtle which is what I work to accomplish in these paintings, a powerful tension and release, but with subtle associations to dimensionality and the void. Maybe even not with the void, but something much less talked about, the INTERIOR. Since most painters only deal with the surface, and use that to talk about voids, but what I bring to you is a REAL VOID, which I simply refer to as the INTERIOR. 

This is one of 4 paintings all begun at the same time, all the same size and scale. They began as a statement on pink, but over time, only three have stayed that way. The fourth is being worked on as I type. Wrapping began today, black over Quin Violet, which is one of my favorite colors, but also one of the colors I very rarely work on. I like it so much I never want to try to overdo it with paintings in that color. White and Black are the two colors I can seem to make 100's of paintings in without getting tired of it, maybe it has to do with what scientists refer to as NON-COLORS. Which I personally think is bullshit, they are born of pigments, which means they ARE colors. They have to be born somewhere. 

Thanks! Enjoy the imagery, click the images and they will open much larger, if you save them to your hard drive, they will be saved even larger. Swim in the details.

Jeffrey Collins

Monday, March 14, 2016

Last of 2015

As I remember the ending of 2015. I believe painting wise, it ended on a seriously positive move.


Work number 3 in my continued work with the primaries. I love working with red, yellow, and blue, but I don't want a reference to Barnett Newman, even though all my painting colleagues can't help but make the reference. Click on the pics for larger more detailed views. Enjoy!

along with.....

#2 is my first painting I made with crushed coal included in it. The coal came from a friends house in the surrounding Tamaqua area where coal is pretty much everywhere. I felt like doing a few of these types of paintings and this was the first. The first painting from 2016 is also made with that same crushed coal, it's just not as caked on as the above painting. It felt good to have that painting finally done, as it was once finished but the black and white color scheme just didn't work, so I am glad to finally have this one complete. I was originally looking for a silver texture to use as background, but as I was making the silvery paint, it simply wasn't working the way I was making it, so you CAN see a little bit of silvery texture behind all the black, but you really have to get in there and look.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


09-24-2015 is the title of the newest painting of mine. The second using Fluorescent paint for the chassis. This painting measuring 66 X 41.5 Inches is what has become one of my favorite sizes of paintings. It's right between Institutional size and residential size. Just easy enough to move around on my own but also being just bigger than a regular human. Giving one the sense of calling it "Human Sized" and being correct. Fluorescent Red chassis really makes the whole painting vibrate, playing off the white of the yarn and the play of white over yellow acrylic paint. So much to look at visually, the variations of play upon the eye are almost literally endless. There are so many viewpoints to take into account when viewing a painting like this. I even lay on the floor and look from as far down as I can get, compounded with Dirk Serries Microphonics music, the sensation is just one of visual bliss to me. This is the first painting I have completed since June and I must say Thank You to all that helped keep me going in this time. Here's to looking forward to the future. All my best to you!

And for a little bit of Dirks music...

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stephen Maine @ Hionas Gallery

I was granted the opportunity to visit the season openers for the NY art world last week. In my personal opinion Stephen Maine at Hionas was THE exhibition to see. The sublime is still around and Maine is clearly finding it in these paintings. Unfortunately I am late on my writing about this wonderful exhibition as it is coming down very very soon. If I were living in the NYC area, I would have been down to see these paintings at least once a week. Truly a painter who deserves a lot more attention, and hopefully this exhibition is going to do just that. Seeing the two large format paintings in the front room, last few pics in this group, you are really taken in by them. They really push themselves onto you the viewer. Almost all large format paintings have some sense of power to them, but not all of them give off the sensation of desiring to jump into them.

Check it out here. The photos can be clicked and enlarged.

The two paintings in the front room, below. I am looking forward to seeing how Maine pushes his future paintings and how the extra space opens them up to all kinds of possibilities. This exhibition deserves to be witnessed in person.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Dialog on Painting with Michael Bravo

It was about two weeks ago with a friend, Linguist Michael Bravo came to visit. We got to talking about my work and what you are about to experience is the culmination of that day, along with many views into my work you may not have seen before. This is in some ways, the only way I can reach out to those who have not yet seen my paintings in person, and to give them some of the views of my work that I get to enjoy everyday. There are so many wonderful views in these paintings and this is my only way of sharing them with you. Until we can get you to see them in person.

Enjoy. BTW, the audio was recorded with a Zoom H4n which is kind of binural so you'll hear me more in one side of your speakers and Michael in the other side. It's quite the amazing device for recording. It's what i've used in my interviews since day one.