Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The tale of 07-01-2011

A nice story about a painting. This painting began it's life as a finished painting on 07-01-2011. I always name my paintings by the date I finish them on. It began life as a 36 X 30 Inch Painting. The pics in the next few entries are all part of it's life. Our story begins with the painting in my studio the day I took photos with my small cheap camera, using photoshop to balance out the colors. I could have chopped out the background and added a new one, but I don't care for fake shadows. It's a highly transparent color which you can see right into the canvas color below. I was really into what I refer to as a japanese landscape style of making the textures, I always felt it helped with such transparent colors, especially the way the color gravitates toward the bottom leaving behind veils of color that show off the natural color of the wood filler texture behind. This group of work will always be something I want to get back to in the future, I need to make a larger scaled group of these paintings. It will happen.

The first exhibition this painting was in was actually a two person private residence show...with Joseph Marioni in his private home in PA. It was actually the third show we did together, very few people got to see it in person. I've only got photos of two of the shows we did together. I drove these paintings from Columbus Ohio to his place in Pennsylvania to stay for a week. Joe usually would let me stay for an extended time, always nice to me. I would also at one time use his place as a stopover on my trips to NYC. That way I could take the bus to NYC from his place instead of driving into town. Later I just began driving in as I had found out how to park in NYC for cheap.

The photo in this entry was installed by The Painter himself. I woke up on the 2nd day and he had moved everything around in his place to accommodate my work. Very kind of him. He had enough room to give our works ample space on their own, it was a wonderful pairing. And gave me many memories I'll never forget.

More tales.... So here it is 2013 in Williamsburg Brooklyn at Sideshow Gallery for the big yearly group show. This was the painting I picked to enter into the show. I later learned that if you wanna be able to see all of your work at eye level. Make sure the work isn't this big. The work from the next year was 22X16" and sat in a really great place. This one went right to the ceiling. Hehehehe.

One more pic to go and I'll have the story for this almost finished.
One more thing. This wasn't the painting I originally wanted to put in the show. It was my second choice. The original painting was 48x36" and ended up too big to send through the usps so we had to bring it back home and re-box it up with this painting. Ended up being easier to put in our car to take to ups this time. The painting before in its box was so big that I had to ask my neighbor who happened to be home that day to help me get the box to usps. And then when they wouldn't send it. Mom and I had to find a way to get it home. I had to sit in the back of the car and hold the painting down so it wouldn't catch air. It was so big the trunk wouldn't close. Funny times. Cheers.

Me with mine way up there.
This was one of the very few times I haven't been able to stay with anyone when I visited NYC. The day before I had driven to NYC from Columbus. My friend Dee said I could stay in her studio. So I ended up on 38th street trying to sleep while a jackass was making music until 4am that night and right after was the garbage trucks. How people can sleep with all that is beyond me. Heheheh. I ended up sleeping at the Leo house that night. Great place to stay in NYC. Had a wonderful time at the opening. Hung with a lot of friends and made some new ones.
The painting now sits in my mother's bedroom.
If not for Dee and Peter Reginato I would have had a real bear to deal with getting it back home.

Story originally appeared in my Instagram feed.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

My first diptych.

I began writing these stories on Instagram as a way of giving people a little more insight into myself as a painter, and not just letting the paintings do the talking, because paintings can't tell you a fucking thing other than how they look right then. :D A lot of the idea for these stories comes from one of my favorite people on the planet... Joey COCO Diaz. The guy is an ace storyteller, and he helped me realize I had stories of my own that weren't the "regular" style. Thanks for tuning in, enjoy!


My first diptych. I remember making the chassis for these with my Dad in the wood shop at Children's Hospital in Columbus. Each panel was 36 X 60 Inches. We came in on a saturday and spent a few hours cutting up the wood and shaping it all. I remember the rush of emotions when they were sitting on a table and we took them off to look at them as if they were joined together, even without the canvas on top, I was still feeling the joy of knowing I was going to be able to make this. I always get that same feeling when making a new painting, but this time was very special to me as it was one of the few times I got to make the chassis with my Dad. I remember these were the perfect size to paint upon in my bedroom at the time. Taking the canvases from my bedroom to the garage and back again during the making was something special to me. I was also painting on this the night of Y2K. I felt if I was gonna go out, i'd go out working on something I loved. I remember sitting on the chair beside my bed with a small bottle of the deep violet red and slowly making progress on coating the panels in the same beautiful violet blue red, raising my head to see 12:01 and thinking how stupid all the people were who thought we were gonna die that night. Then I went right back to painting. Later, both canvases were poured on at my friend Garth's place in the basement, as I needed a large enough place to do the pouring and didn't have one myself. The garage I would normally use was too cold in January. SO I asked my friend. His Mom Joyce said it was cool, and I brought it my paint supplies to his basement. I remember looking around that room and wishing I had a studio as big as that basement room. It was probably 16 X 32 feet.

Friday, December 22, 2017

New work for sale on SaatchiArt

Just got some new works on my Saatchi Art page. My new "Testers" have been getting some good attention and I'm looking forward to growing these much more in the future.

Please visit and take a look at what's going on. Please share it with friends you think might be interested. 


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Braided Paintings #4

I have shared each of the braided paintings I made in the early part of 2017. I plan on making MANY more of these tremendous works of art. So many things to do with them that it keeps my mind moving from one to another at the speed of thought. 
This forth one was clearly a very different one. Instead of leaving the rope it's natural color, I grabbed a nice can of Montana spray paint and proceeded to coat it in this wonderful violet color. I took it out to the patio and found a place in a corner to hang it from the top of the fence, and got to painting. Now part of the fence is violet in color and everytime I see it I am reminded of painting it. It was actually a pretty warm day in January when I painted it, if it hadn't been, the rope probably would have been painted in the studio where I can't use aerosol paint, so it would have ended up black...maybe.

42" X 4.5" X 1.5"
Acrylic on Braided Poly Rope

And the details are as down.


to the bottom...

My only regrets are I cannot find a way yet to make larger versions, I am in need of more space in order to work. I know I will find my way and things will work out. I'm just glad to be able to share these with you. 

Thanks for viewing.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Braided Paintings #3

I noticed I had yet to finish writing about the new rope paintings, or as I've been referring to them, as Braided Paintings. I began by sharing 1 and 2 and just kinda got caught up in others things instead of sharing 3 and 4. It's not like these are all i'm going to make, it's simply all I could make at the time. There is so much creativity in the days, and I need to write and document it all before it decides to leave me. I've been hot with ideas as of the last year and I would love to be able to exhibit these, but that's for other people to get in with first.

This is #3 in the Braided Paintings I was working on around early 2017. I actually even had them on my website before the website was taken down. I sometimes wonder if that was a bad deal or a good one, time will tell. But it IS really nice to be able to share these works with YOU, and at the same time, be able to share my thoughts at the same time.

One other thing nice about this blog as opposed to the website is now I can show not only the "gallery" type image, but I can also share all the detailed images, which those of you who know me, you know I LOVE doing that. I do it to give you the computer viewer a little bit more extrapolation as to what the work will look like in person. I had a wonderful short conversation with a fellow artist in brooklyn while I was there, he mentioned how different and cooler they looked in person, even with all the details I attempt to share online. So I'm trying, but the work still definitely NEEDS to be seen in person. I hope that will be happening a LOT more in 2018.

48" X 5.25" X 1.5"
Acrylic on Braided Poly Rope

One thing that I don't believe has been mentioned is all the prep work that goes into the making of these. After the braiding was complete, the work was anchored so the tension would continue, and then I proceeded to coat the entirety of the surface in acrylic medium, so the whole of the work has been sealed from the elements. Once the sealing and anchoring were complete, the texture paint was applied and voila. The work is made to look as if it were painted directly on the wall. It hangs from a hanger embedded into the rear so all it needs is one small screw to hang from. These are not very heavy at all. Less than 5 pounds.

Now we begin the details...




#4 is on it's way.

Thanks for viewing.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

@ David & Schweitzer Contemporary NYC

For the last few weeks, at Bushwick's own David & Schweitzer Contemporary, during the big show of Daniel John Gadd and Elizabeth Murray, a single work of mine has been hanging out along with their work. Thanks to Michael David and Keith Schweitzer there has been some wonderful feedback about the painting coming my way. Looking forward to what the future brings.

9.5 X 6 X 2"
Acrylic on Acrylic Yarn on Painted Wood Chassis


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Glen Baldridge at Klaus Von Nichtssagend LES, NYC

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide...paintings are coming back in a new and fresh way. From the Clyfford Still laced works of Harold Ancart, to the work from the most recent to close at The Hole...Morgan Blair and more.

Today I went walking in the lower east side of Manhattan, I came across the Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery at 54 Ludlow St. Looking from the outside, dreary as it was with rain all day, I could see there was some very eye catching work. Another young painter has seen the new world of trippy paintings. Glen Baldridge has created a whole world for himself out of the haze of today's hallucinogenic world and into some tremendous painting. Incorporating a technique I immediately recognized as marbleizing, just on a grander scale than any I had witnessed before. Acrylic colors dancing playfully upon the wood paneled surface. Inside that playful surface is a small nugget of wisdom in the title of the painting. Baldridge adds in the title during the making of the work, so if you aren't quite looking, you will get lost in the colors and movement and miss the words that lie within.

This is my first exhibition of Baldridge’s work. If you know me, you know I wouldn’t have been into the overtly word related work of his previous exhibitions. But who’s to really say, i’ve had my mind changed again and again. The press release really helped me gain a foothold on his past and where his ideas come from. I’m not big on text based work, but in my view, these are not text based, I saw them immediately as paintings, no words were even in my mind as I was enjoying them. I knew they had a certain patterning in them but my mind didn’t come to words until after I had read the press release. I’m glad I didn’t know anything about the artist's work before the show. That way I had a totally fresh viewing experience. It’s not something you have much these days, unless you like me, enjoy just walking around and popping into every space you can find, just looking for that new and fresh work that gets your mind going.

A couple just came by and mentioned to each other how they felt the work reminded them of magic eye art from the 80-90's. Looking for that hidden picture that never comes. These paintings are so happy and playful that whomever takes one home will surely have so much to enjoy over the years.

All of this work is residential scale. If you need to know what that means. It means the work is not so huge you need 10 foot ceilings in your home to hang it. At the time of writing this... Ruin Us is my favorite of the group. There's always gonna be a favorite work in any exhibition you see. This is definitely an exhibition I would suggest to you.

And while you are there, be sure to pick up the press release for it. It's got some really nice information about the artist and his background.

Photos: Taken by me with my iphone 4. If you want better photos, hit that donate button here...

Running until December 17th.

Ruin Us
Acrylic on Wood Panel
20 X 16"

I must add how interesting not only the front is, but also the sides of these paintings. Gives me a small bit of feeling how things looked in his studio as he was making these, the color falling off the panel and down the sides, the place where the paint truly does what IT wants to do, while the top is ordered by the implements Baldridge uses to create the swirls of color. 

This one really begins to show off the texture the work has, from it's peaks to it's valleys, you really see how thick the paint is upon these. 

This is where I really wanted to show off how the valleys forming in the white give the painting even more to dig into. The eye has so much fun looking at these, the mind trying to figure out what it going on, while the eye says to the mind, hey, let's just enjoy this visual imagery. It's so hard to write about something that is so visual. You just wanna look. So it's time that you do so. I'll do my best to keep the photos as enticing as possible for you the viewer at home.

Thanks Sam!

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