Monday, July 27, 2009

Larry Poons video I had to take down

Well, I am now against another company I was trying to do a service for. I went and spent my time to upload a video of Larry Poons the other day. Today I get a message from artnewyork who since they didn't take their time to upload a video on Poons themselves. Thought it of themselves to make me edit the video or take it down. I have taken the video down and now am telling you to boycott and their videos. They don't apparently realize that when people like me, spend our time to digitize and upload a VHS video, and in the process, promoting a film for the people who actually made the film and doing it solely on my own, without asking for $$ for my time and effort. They in turn simply piss of the people who are trying to help them.

Customer Service really is crumbling in this world we live in. What I am doing here is the equivalent of word of mouth advertisement and instead I'm being asked to shut up.

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