Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"07-10-2003" More Detail Images

More hi-res images.

Another detail of the left side of the canvas.

A couple of middle of canvas images. One is more in depth than the other.

A view from the Right side of the canvas.

Here's the very top of the painting, you can really get a shot at the transparency in the painting.

07-10-2003 (A Time Divided) Updated Hi-Res Images

07-10-2003 (A Time Divided) Acrylic and Wood Filler on Canvas
34" x 40"

I wanted to do a little updating to the details of a few of my favorite paintings. This is one of the more favorite of my paintings and has gotten a lot of great feedback on it. From the transparency of the colors to the way the paint falls across the canvas.

First up you can see the full image of the painting, followed by a bunch of the hi-res detail images of the many parts of the painting. Which I hope...will bring you a bit closer to knowing what these paintings can and do look like in person.

This is one of the left side of the painting.

Included here is an image from the bottom of the canvas.

Better Detail Images

It has come to my attention that the detailed images I had added before weren't as detailed as they could have been. So I give you much higher resolution photos of some of the details of the painting. These are fairly large sized so please do click on the image to open it up in full view.

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