Monday, June 12, 2017



The time of year when nature truly begins to heat up. Least for those of us in the northern hemisphere. People begin walking around wearing less and less, it's nice if you are walking around doing some people watching. For me it's mostly just another time of year to stick myself in a conditioned room and wait out the time.

I don't like running this blog like others do with theirs. I'm not interested in constantly finding new readers or trying to get a job from this. I'm only interested in sharing when the mood really hits me. Today it's hitting me. I was watching this pretty good documentary on painter Francis Bacon and figured I'd share it on here. I'm a lukewarm at best fan of his work, who knows, maybe I just haven't seen enough work in person to truly call myself a fan. The older I get the more my desires for things change, I used to think I could tell if I liked work in person by the reproductions. For the most part...I can. But there were a few times when things really changed for me when I saw the work in person, which in turn made me change the way I talk about work online. I enjoy doing reviews in my own way of good shows, but I don't get out a lot to see shows I WANT to write about. Looking forward to more of that in the future.

This Bacon film is quite well made. The people who filmed it and the editors really did a great job on it. I usually watch art docs and make my own commentary on how I would have done it differently (Troublemakers is one of them). This one there aren't enough to even warrant talking about it. The company that makes these does a really good job at art docs.

Thanks. Have a beautiful week.

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