Sunday, September 30, 2018

Drawing... the search for new ideas.

For those of you who actually visit this place of mine. I just wanted to begin by saying Thanks for your being there. Sorry it's been a while since I updated this page. It hasn't been a big concern of mine since I found out they were taking some of the interface away, but learning of it has really done nothing for me desiring to have a new place to put up work. So this page will stick around and I'll be updating it more and more until I can get a regular site up and running again.

Since getting back from NYC in July. I have been making new work of many different types, writing about my previous work and the new ideas it breeds each new day that dawns. One of the new things I have been working on is a series of drawings that connect to the TESTERS I have been working on. Along with a new breed of painting I have only just now began to make. Coming out of the TESTERS, which are freestanding and painted on two sides. These new works are a reduction of sorts, only painting on one side, and the work being hung. I've got ideas for new large scale works but am in need of places in which to put them. I'd like to take this idea to the streets, but at the same time it is also a wonderful idea for galleries. I refuse to make work that only has one outlet in mind. One cannot allow oneself to stagnate, especially when you have found something that lends itself so well to many different methods of working. I find the more methods I have of getting work done, the happier I am. 

These drawings have really opened my eyes in another way, as I am trying to take a heavily dimensional surface and turn it into a flat 2 dimensional space. Even at that they sure give way to more and more ideas.

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