Thursday, March 28, 2013

Two Amazing Papers on Painting (files updated)

I was speaking to a few painting colleagues online the past few days, and the idea of terminology came up. I have said that I am not an Abstract Painter, because my work does not take from anything that is already there. I am not a cubist, where I am breaking down the picture into many sides, I am not a geometric painter, taking ideas from buildings and other places. I simply make paintings, color and texture are my friends in my work. I am what painters such as Ryman and Marden would call a Realist, meaning I make REAL paintings, not paintings that are OF anything, just paintings. But someone such as Frederic Matys Thursz (Pictured Below) would say I am an Actualist. As for his terminology  I make "Actual" Paintings. You can read further on the subject in the paper he wrote back in 1986.

The other paper contained in this post is one from a particular favorite of mine. The Painter Joseph Marioni. This paper was written by a colleague of his, and recently mine too, Mr. Carl Belz. It was written for the catalogue of his exhibition at the Rose Art Museum which Mr. Belz curated. It is one of my favorite papers on a painter and on painting.


Thanks for taking the time to learn about the work we do.

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Soft Paintings of 2013

Having spent much of my time lately working on promoting the film campaign, i've managed to get some work done on a number of what I consider Soft Paintings, as these are paintings on unstretched canvas that will then be adhered to the wall.

12.5 X 9.5"

14 X 8 3/8"

15 X 9.5"

13.75 X 8.5"

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who's Afraid of a Filming Trip!

I've been planning what I hope will be the possible last filming trip I make for this documentary. I need your help for this, as only you can do. Tip in $5 or $25 for a contribution, and help make this my most amazing filming journey ever. Every contribution helps get the film that much closer to finishing.

There were only so many spots on Indiegogo for contribution levels, so I am adding a few extras on here to help.

I was given two amazing prints by Painters Darryl Hughto and Susan Roth. Both prints are each 22X30" on Arches watercolor paper.

In our campaign contribution box is where you can send the funds through, you can choose the amount you wish to donate, just add it into the contribution box and type a note that you would like Darryl or Susan's print, I'll immediately get on here and make sure no one can buy it again. The whole process is fully secure and easy to use. Asking $600 for each. Shipping included.

Thanks for your time, and I'm sure Carl Belz, Peter Reginato, John Zinsser, Karen Wilkin, Klaus Kertess, Michael Brennan, Ronnie Landfield, Ruth Ann Fredenthal, Max Cole, Rodney Dickson, Susan Roth, Darryl Hughto, Louise P. Sloane, Forrest 'Frosty' Myers, Dennis Hollingsworth, Matthew Deleget, and James Panero already thank you. As will the many more to come.

Please click on the images to load up the large sizes.

Darryl Hughto - Hickory Wind

Susan Roth - Love Behavior

These are two amazing prints and I'm sure they will both go quite fast. I will personally ship them to you once the campaign is over with. They will come unframed.

Thank You Ever So Much for your kindness and support. It will be remembered forever.

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