Friday, March 17, 2017

Selling some books from my collection

The time has come to allow some of my book collection to find new homes. I've had some of these for well over a decade. Gosh that sounds like a long time these days.

I've put them up on ebay and they should all end around the 23rd of March. Some real gems for your collection, including Willem de Kooning at the National Gallery of Art in DC. Mark Grotjahn from his LA gallery Blum & Poe. Olivier Mosset from his first large monograph. Frank Stella from his show at Mnuchin Gallery. And Simon Hantai from his show in Munster...a very rare catalog.

Thanks for viewing.
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Monday, March 13, 2017

Braided Paintings #1

In my desire to always be looking for ways to develop my work. I began working on variations in ropes to use as a substrate in painting. From sometime in early 2015 when I ran some yarn between the floor and ceiling of the home I was inhabiting in Pennsylvania, and up to the present. My mind is full of ideas, some that can be made now, but mostly with ideas that won't come for years, or at least as money is still an issue in the making of the work. Those of you who follow my work have noticed how much I love working with paint and creating paintings where there were only sculpture least in my world.

At the beginning of 2017, I began a series of new BRAIDED PAINTINGS. Using Poly Rope that was purchased at the local hardware store. I won't say because they aren't paying me to say their name. I wanted something thicker than what they offered and began braiding this poly rope. Having worked out the how and what, the only section left over was the actual DOING. All along knowing that I had to make sure these works were going to stick around, I didn't want them to have any sort of problems that might come up with time. These works will not have those problems, unless something drastic happens that is unnatural to the nature of the work and it's life. I would tell people but frankly with all the copycats that have come around after the Richter film, I don't want to share methods from myself or others. I now realize why so many people never wanted me to film them painting. 

I have been enjoying making these new works and enjoying having them hang around me. The ability to view these works from all kinds of lighting situations and viewing angles have really brought me an appreciation that I was wondering about when I began working on these. There is always a sense of stepping out on the ledge when going about doing something new to oneself, and I'm glad I stepped out, the staircase appeared and I am working on climbing it as time permits.

Here is the first BRAIDED PAINTING...

Acrylic on Poly Braided Rope
36 X 3.5"

Top Detail

Middle Detail

Bottom Detail

If you are interested, this is available here on my Saatchi Store.

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