Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Marc Ross + Jeffrey Collins

My exhibition in Columbus Ohio is available until January 28th. This exhibition is shared between Marc Ross, whom is in the front space and myself, whom is in the 2nd space. We each were able to make our own specific place in Marcia's gallery and I think it's quite a dramatic and wonderful experience.

Come visit. 11-5 Tues-Sat. 8 Lincoln St. At High Street. Columbus Ohio.

Marc, Marcia, and Myself at the opening. Photo by Parker Ross.

My good friend Susan Barthelemes and my friend Chip Barthelemes in the background.

 Got the closing date wrong, but you know when it is. I just wrote it above.Thanks for viewing.Jeffrey

Sideshow Nation, Brooklyn NY

My first exhibition in NY. At the legendary yearly group exhibition held at Sideshow Gallery. 319 Bedford Ave. Over 500 artists works in this years exhibition.

This is the back room where my painting and many of my friends works are too. Notice the sculpture of Peter Reginato to the left.

Photo by Fred Gutzeit

Photo by Peter Reginato

Photo by Ron Shira

Photo by Peter Reginato

Photo by Peter Reginato

Take a look at all these names. See how many you can recognize.

Exhibition is through March 3, 2013.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Quote of the Day. Jan 1, 2013

For my first post of the new year. Even though in my mind, the year really ends on the 21st when the solstice is. Today I was just remembered of a great artist who passed away on this day in 2005. Steven Parrino. I was told a bunch about him though one of his friends, Daniel Levine. He spoke very well of the man, and it makes me wish I had been able to get to know him too.

Here is a quote that Sharon Butler took from one of his writings.

"I am still concerned with 'art about art', but I am also aware that 'art about art' still reflects the time in which it was made. Content is not denied… Content is not obvious… Content is sustained in the air or the vibe of the work.""


Here's also another piece on Mr. Parrino by Jerry Saltz.

Banks Violette and Gardar Eide Einarsson did a painting together in 2006 they dedicated to his memory.

Portrait photo by: David Robbins

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