Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brice Marden and FLYP Media.

I just found these on youtube and HAD to share them with all the wonderful people whom visit this blog. Some wonderful interviews with Brice Marden, Thanks to FLYP Media for putting these out there for all of us.

BRICE MARDEN on Barnett Newman and Mark Rothko

BRICE MARDEN on Jackson Pollock

BRICE MARDEN's theory of painting

BRICE MARDEN on Asian art



Monday, May 4, 2009

Quote for the day...5-04-09

Today's quote comes from the documentary on Brice Marden from 1977. It's all about painting today.

"It's hard to look at paintings. It's really difficult, very strenuous kind of activity, but very very rewarding. Just like it's strenuous to listen to a great piece of music, they're very complicated, you have to think a lot. You have to be able to bring all sorts of things together in your mind, your imagination, your whole body. Really get off on it. It's a very high experience. It isn't something that comes out and hits you over the head, it's something very deep and felt."

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