Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Michael Toenges on Rudolf De Crignis

Translated with love from the German into English by myself.

I am with Rudolf in the summer of 2005 on tour, a day when we have time to take us a drive, leaving the town slowly and always looking to the sky. We let ourselves drift, drive through the backyard, through streets and small parks - also increasingly out of town.

If on the former and long since forgotten by the airport, where the Trummer-flowers grow between the remains of the concrete slope, where some minor places are few, and where the sidewalks of a small garden next to the motorway, and cross under about.
The underpass of the railway to the big auto factory is half under water, some small trips we push. Industry terrain are emerging between the small woods, not to mention the row houses and suburbs. We look at the garden and eat an ice cream at the old church sitting under a tree.

Meadows and forests are great, some corn fields are now between the settlements. Over a narrow bridge, leads the way now between the forest and a green field toward the silvery leaves of a group of trees. The leaves move in the wind and the field extends for a moment into the infinite. Every time I arrived at that place, I hold otherwise.

Rudolf is ahead and I will have to pronounce and say to him, he sees it too. He sees it very well and he had to do myself. He stops and says to me: Look, is it not ready?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

August Hoviele on Rudolf De Crignis

Translated from German to English by Jeffrey Collins (ME).

When I was in 1992 for the first time the studio in Soho Rudolf De Crignis visited was a very special experience for me.

It was my third studio visit that day, the two previous artists were Americans and talking about their work as pastors of their church on the west coast. In the studio of Rudolf De Crignis silence came over me, the artist Sat silent at his desk, there was no word spoken.

Was silence, only silence, or silence and contemplation. The atmosphere gave me a very wonderful feeling. I was quiet and undisturbed look at some beautiful blue paintings.

I was no longer in new york but in Sénanque, in the chapel of the Cistercian monastery. This special feeling is I always stayed. If I were a painting by Rudolf De Crignis stand and try to penetrate into that beautiful blue plane, I feel that sensation still.

In later years, I spend many warm and intense contact was fortunate to get to know the artist. It was a very quiet but strong personality, honesty and integrity, highly critical of his own work, open to other artists.

Although his artistic path to be followed very well knew, he was anxious and uncertain about the things he was doing. Paul Cezanne was never far away.

With the death of Rudolf I lost a very close friend and adviser, but we all have lost a great artist.

Rudolf, the beautiful moments I will never forget and I will continue your work I personal effects lovingly cherish.


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