Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kenworth Moffett RIP

Kenworth W. Moffett died yesterday at 10:40 AM peacefully in Stamford, CT, after a prolonged battle with heart problems, though he put up a valiant fight for decades ,to survive to write and exhibit the artists he loved so much, he succumbed at age 81.Despite his ongoing battle , he was Director of 2 Museums , Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale (Now NSU Museum Fort Lauderdale), then MCA Denver(then MoCAD ), and was Curator of Contemporary Art at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, prior to that, while simultaneously, also a full time Professor of Art History at Wellesley College, in Wellesley, Mass. Ken's writing was published internationally in magazines,books, & journals, throughout his career. He is survived by daughter Kay, and wife Cynthia.

Photo Credit Wendy Seiler.

Photo below: Me talking with Moffett and telling him about what I do and offering my services. Very kind man. I believe Peter Reginato took this picture. Thanks!!!

I only recently got to meet KM through the yearly shows in Brooklyn at Sideshow Gallery. I offered to do an interview with him, but unfortunately the circumstances never conspired to allow it to happen. Now I find myself being quite saddened that I didn't get to tell his story. I can only hope that maybe there is someone out there that knew Moffett and decides to make a book on this man. Thanks Lucy Baker for keeping me abreast of what has been going on.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Wesley Kimler

I visited yesterday with Painter Wesley Kimler in his Chicago studio, and wanted to share this photo essay with you. I believe we spent about 4 hours talking about all kinds of things painters talk about when they get together. I got to spend some wonderful time around his collection of birds too. One of which is quite entertaining.

These paintings are so haunting in person. I told Wesley they reminded me of new versions from the Horrors of War, just this time not from Goya, but from Kimler.

And finishing up with my painting that I brought to share with Wesley. 

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