Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just wanted to share a few older works on paper

Here are a couple of my older drawings and collages i made back in 2K. They are both quite different. The first one was used with my father's camel's pack. I was planning on originally making a group of these collages to show eventually. But alas, that time never came.

I was going over some older pieces today and thought I would share these with you. They definitely show two others sides of my artistic endeavours.

The second one is done in oil stick on 180 pound paper, and is also part of a small series. Most of the series is done into drawing books that I pull out when I feel the need to create but do not want to work on a larger surface. And want to do something immediate. They are resemblances of my favorite painter Mark Rothko. But actually they grew out my my obsession with Richard Serra and his black oil stick on linen drawings that he does on these huge slabs of linen. They are quite amazing, at least to my eyes they are. I think most people just know of his as a sculptor but to me he is more a drawer.

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