Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Year...New Painting

Greetings all. In my first entry (about myself) this year. I have recently (two days ago) finally finished my first painting of the year. Though the canvas was sitting on my wall for around 4 months. I had so many things standing in my way of finishing it. But it is now finally done.

This painting is definitely a different style for me. It is a culmination of a number of ideas that I have been having over the last year. My life has been changing, so as so...has my painting. Though it is not a complete break from my older style. I do not feel as if I have really reached my climax of the pinnacle of my painting yet, that is years to come. I decided to begin with a pic of the painting as it was in it's final painting phase and drying.

Here is a detail of the bulk of the black where you can witness the yellow underpinnings. It's a bit hard to see the blue below the black but that's just one of the things that happen when you are working with layers of color. You can really see the texture within the painting here, where you can tell that I did not use as much wood filler on this canvas as previous paintings. I decided to keep the bulk of the large wood filler to the middle of the top of the canvas as I wished the painting to look more slate-like on the lower portion of the painting.

Here is an image of the painting in a raking light where you can see the elephant skin that is the blackness of the painting, and how it dried. The blue really pops through everything here, along with the yellow to really catch your eye and lead to to the rivers traveling downward of the canvas.

Here is another view of the blackness that has wrapped itself over the yellow and blue undercoats. Showing the left side of the painting.

Another couple images of the details of the painting, mostly the downward flow of the three over colors of the painting.

"01-28-2008 (Re-Animate)" 34" X 26" Acrylic & Wood Filler on Canvas.

The final image of the fullness of the painting. Some of the thoughts behind this painting come from a few ideas brought forth by artists that have come before. A big idea of this new type of painting for me was Franz Kline. With his use of space on a canvas, the amounts of black in contrasts to the amounts of white within his canvases. I know his older canvases used more colors and more of the space that was contained within the canvas.

Another big influence behind my new ideas is Joseph Marioni. With his use of fluid color and the amounts of transparency on his paintings, they really bring me to want to learn all I can about color and it's many uses.

I'm about to begin another canvas now and will let you know how it comes along.

Thanks for reading...please do send your thoughts.


  1. Jeffery, well it certainly does not look tame! But it is quite hard to read the small differences in color- space-texture that usually give us so much of our information! Think that I would have to actually see it in person>>>>>

    The most important thing is that you are moving forward!!! There is no "correct" way....paint yourself into the future.

  2. i like the documentary style of this post. it really helps me to understand the piece without being in front of it (although i feel it would still be necessary) which is a huge hurdle to showing work on the web.

  3. Thanks guys. It's the biggest hurdle in putting your paintings online, getting it to the viewer in the most clear and precise way that gives them the idea of what it would feel and look like in person.


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