Thursday, May 1, 2008

"04-30-2008 (Dreaming)"

34" high X 24" wide; are the dimensions of this new painting of mine. The brilliant blue covering all the background gives me visions of the Greek Isles. Their beautiful crystal clear waters with their brilliantly white homes.

I look forward to making much larger versions of paintings such as this.

Included are images of this painting, a lot of them are quite large detailed images that are actually a big larger than if you were to see it in person...which gives you plenty of time to study the perfections and the imperfections. The first image included is the painting in full.

This second image is of the mid section of the painting. Where you can really begin to see the innards of the canvas and it's textures.

Our next image is a vision of the top of the canvas. You can really see from there how the color really defines the textures within the wood filler encrusted canvas.

Here is vision 1 of the left side of the canvas. Click on it and you'll be able to see a much larger detailed image.

Here's detail #2 of the left side of the canvas.

Here's a detailed image of the right side of the canvas. Click on the image and you'll be able to see the much bigger image up close and really see the texture and the luminosity of the color.

And lastly an image of the bottom of the canvas. Where you can really see the color and how it pooled up along the bottom edge of the canvas. Click on the image to really see it for yourself.

Thanks for looking. And have a wonderful week.


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