Monday, July 21, 2008

Previous Jobs I have had....

These are in progress photos taken by my friend Garth Stanley back in July 2000. I had originally made this painting to be Green on top of a white ground. Alas it didn't turn out that way and now when you look at it. It has visions of blood and gaping wounds...but also at the same time it give you visions of flowers blooming. So it is death and birth all in the same painting. What I always love to call a beautiful accident. They usually make for my favorite paintings.

My progress on "A Cleansing" July 2000

Notice the hair. Yes I had quite long hair back then. It was a bit on the difficult side to take care of. I figured I had the hair for over ten years, so i'd go with having short hair for another 10 and then go back to the long...I might break that promise to myself.

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