Monday, August 25, 2008

Some older photos and tidbits...

I've been scanning older photos of my paintings into the computer to keep as a nice catalog of paintings and installation photos. So here ya go with some of the photos of myself back when I had the long hair and was working in my Fathers garage for my paintings.

To begin we have the photo of me and my long ass hair. I had began growing this mane back in 91 and didn't fully cut it short again until 2003 or 04, I can't really remember. I just remember that I was going through a tough time in my life and felt that I needed a big change in my life, so I decided to chop off the hair. I've had shorter hair now since then and quite enjoy it a lot more than the long hair, which was really hard to take care of. Now I know why a lot of women are more into the short hair idea, it's just much easier to take care of.

Here is a group of paintings. The red one on the side is now in landscape format and has a beautiful emerald green over top of a glop of many other colors. The purple center is a wonderful painting when viewed. Probably one of my favorite purple paintings. I love the color Purple but it doesn't always work.

Here I am again with the hair, but pulled back as I usually kept it. This painting I don't believe is still around anymore. White is a beautiful color for a painting.

Here I am with my two first landscape format paintings. The first one is the Blue on Browns, which I have had many many people tell me it reminds them of terracotta, and also of running people with the textures.

Here is a group of a couple of my least known paintings. The white on Green is a quite difficult painting, but one I wished to keep as it annoyed me enough to want to keep it. It is VERY difficult to photograph. Thank God for Photoshop! LOL. The one on the right is called "Highway" which I believe I gave it that name because of the amount of grid patterning in the poured white.

Thanks for looking.



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