Thursday, January 8, 2009

Joseph Marioni - Blue Paintings

I have just finished up a full digital scan of a favorite book from Joseph Marioni's show "Blue Paintings" and the Howard Yezerski Gallery in Boston. This book has many wonderful photos from Joseph's studio, along with a very informed writing by the painter about color and his thoughts about color and painting. I have uploaded it to my server to let everyone have an opportunity to enjoy it. And yes I was given permission to share this with everyone.



  1. hey jeffrey--

    thanks alot for this info on marioni. i love his work but have yet to see it in person. glad to have some of his thoughts on painting.

    --alex, vt

  2. You are very welcome Alex. Hopefully sometime soon you can make it to the Rose museum or Dartmouth and they might have one of their paintings from him up there.

    Have a great weekend.


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