Monday, February 2, 2009

February has dreams of spring.

Wow that actually sounded poetic.

I just wanted to find a nice title for this entry. But didn't want it to sound to0 artsy.

Yesterday a new painting came into this world.

I have given it the title of many other paintings. The date it was finished on. Along with a subtitle that brings you a bit more into the painting as opposed to being put off by a title that is simply a date.

"02-01-2009 (Knowing)" 18"X10" A/WF/C

The subtitle is a bit esoteric, but I like it that way. Give you more to "know" about. There is Knowing and there is Unknowing, then there is about-to-know, which I am in that state almost all the time. I think....

The rest of this entry will speak for itself.

Right Detail.

Left Detail.

Thank you for viewing.

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