Monday, October 12, 2009

Oil Sticks and flattened out wood pulp...

Lately on top of my working on my paintings. I have been focusing again on my oil stick on paper drawings. If you could call them drawings. As they are definitely not recognizable forms. Though the first oil stick drawings I have done were using your basic shapes, squares, rectangles, etc. This has become one particular thing I have liked what it was and wanted to develop it more.

Color is the primary focus of these works, and the ways I approach the materials is a physical mannerism, which helps make the drawing turn out the way it does.

The works here were done on 80LB unsealed paper, within the most recent of drawings, of which I have yet to take pics of. I have begun working on 180LB Primed cold pressed watercolor paper.

For archives sake.

All oil sticks were Windsor and Newton Oil Bars. Very wonderfully workable oil sticks with gorgeous color.

More to come...


  1. Very interesting work, Jeffrey - and obviously different from your painting manner. Is that (or could you explain?) what you mean by your approach the materials is a physical mannerism? Are your aims with the use of oil sticks any different than with your painting method?

  2. Exactly bro. It's all about the movement of the body. It's also quite a workout on my arm and wrist. Thanks William for the comment bro.


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