Saturday, November 21, 2009

White Painting

My second in my new group of paintings concerned with white. This really is a hard painting to photograph. Even though I took it in the sun, i'm tired of taking photos under interior light, the sun is oh so much better for photography. I just wish there was a way you could get to see the interior of this painting and how it looks almost metallic with the undercoats of color.

"11-20-2009 (White 2)"
18" X 10" 
Acrylic and Wood Filler on Canvas.


Here's a side image of it from outside where I do my photography now. Unfortunately it's not on the best of surfaces, so I had to put some white paper behind the painting to make it easier to photoshop. Enjoy and have a wonderful week.

Has anyone Seen Leger’s Palette lately?

"Painting has also probed the wall as origin of support and surface. A sequence intellectualized: construction, reconstruction, deconstruction. Carved cave wall first, then fresco wall erected and honed for illusion – into wall as perspective, in front of it as cubism, as environment for installation – all around but not in or on the painting as object. Three modes of painting made today: representational; abstract, actual. Where or why or how a painting is made. Question, pause, answer. A litany of trinities."

Frederic Matys Thursz: taken from…
“Has anyone Seen Leger’s Palette lately?”

Studio Photo. Taken by E. Tulchin

Monday, November 16, 2009


Got the website finally fully updated. It's more like a ten year retrospective now. Ten years. Shouldn't I be getting a call from a museum by now. ;-)

Click the link below and enjoy. And remember the large images are found through clicking the thumbnail images in the galleries.


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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Drawing...

I recently got some R+F Handmade Paint Pigment Sticks and have been trying them. If you are interested in Oil Stick/Oil Bars/Pigment Sticks, you will love these babies. Buttery consistency and fantastic color and transparency. This first drawing is done with a Paynes Gray Pigment Stick. A bit more on the messy side of things working with the Pigment Sticks, but that's something I need to work on fixing myself with some gloves.

15" X 11" Oil Stick on Arches 140lb Watercolor Paper.

Detail in raking light to see the textural elements.

The second one was done with the W&N Oil Bars, Cadmium Red Deep

15" X 11" Oil Bar on Arches 140lb Watercolor paper.

This was done with Shiva Oil Stick, and I quite like the matte in it's color.

15" X 11" Oil Paintstick on Arches 140lb Watercolor paper

Thanks for viewing. In the next few days I'm going to be having a few interviews of artist friends of mine who live here in Columbus Ohio.

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