Friday, December 31, 2010

Quote of the day 12-31-2010

For my last quote for this year. I make a very important entry. One by Marcel Proust...A French novelist and critic and one hell of a thinker.

"Authentic Art has no use for proclamations...It accomplishes it's work in silence."

Such a powerful phrase. It rings so true to most of the painters I admire today.

Thank you for reading...have a wonderful day.



  1. Interesting quote, but I'm not sure I understand it, especially coming from a novelist. I wonder if he's referring to particular type of proclamations.

  2. Proclamations is A public or official announcement. So I think it's mostly about how artists are always working in silence in our own studios. Not in a TV studio where we are trying to show off for everyone. But there are so many meanings to it.


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