Friday, March 2, 2012

Quote of the Day 03-02-2012

To begin the year. I'll begin with a quote from one of my absolute favorite painters and good friend Joseph Marioni. This is from a paper he wrote in 1992 called "Socrates and the Alligator".

You can download a set of papers I have digitized here...

"It has always struck me as quite curious that the principles of art, in the classical tradition, were not formulated by artists but rather by philosophers."

He's speaking about how we are still using terms brought forth not be artists, but by philosophers. People who really didn't know much about art, and even less about painting.

Cheers to all Painters out there. Destined to fight the fight against old theoretical practices in art.



  1. But to paint is to philosophize. Every painting you make is an expression of your personal philosophy of painting; it might be a successful expression, it might not, but that's what it is. I used to alarm my students when I told them they were all philosophers -they probably thought they had their hands full already - but its true.

    The problem,maybe,we have is when philosophers and theoroticians from other disciplines, seek to apply elements from their own discipline to ours, or have those elements applied on their behalf by academics. Sometimes this is helpful (lots of people find Bachelard's work helpful, for example), sometimes not (no one finds Adorno helpful, at least that I ever met).

    Anway, maybe we need to have more confience in our personal philosophy as artists and then we won't be bugged or intimidated by unhelpful others.

    P.S. can't work out this "publish" business, so I guess I'll just be "Anonymous"...

  2. thanks! and cheers to you too! go to it!


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