Saturday, August 11, 2012

Three Painters...One Guide

I was just spending some time looking over things I could add to this blog, since I know I don't add much to it these days. I seem to add more that has to do with my film, than with myself.

I wanted to bring to your attention, another wonderful piece written by Mr. Carl Belz. On three great painters I have recently been able to get to know a bit better. Ronnie Landfield, Sandi Slone, and Darryl Hughto. Funny thing, is that Carl didn't know it, but I have been working on getting interviews with all three of these painters for my documentary film. It makes me want to get my visits in even more with Sandi and Darryl, since I have already gotten about 4 hours of interview with Ronnie...and there's plenty more to come. Then on top of all of that, I'm going to be heading back to NH to visit Mr. Belz once again, so we can spend more time talking about all the wonderful painters and sculptors I have filmed for this wonderful document on modern art and it's practitioners.

In the meantime. I highly recommend taking a few minutes, which I hope after reading will mean a few hours of research, and dig into what Mr. Belz has to say.

Thanks for your time.


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