Friday, June 7, 2013

Quote of the Day: June 7th 2013

I've been reading this book by Michael Peppiatt called Interviews with Artists 1966-2012. It's a tremendous book with loads of great interviews with some incredibly interesting artists, architects and photographers. I was fascinated by it's cover which has a pic from Dado's studio. So I dug in and read that one first. Now before I read the interview I really didn't know who Dado was, but afterward, I sure do wanna learn more and see more of his work.

I felt like this book and all it's amazing talks with artists would lend itself wonderfully to some more quotes of the day. This first one is from Painter Francis Bacon.

"It's the sensations within yourself. It's to do with the shock of two completely unillustrational things which come together and make an appearance. But again, it's all words, it's all an approximation. I feel like talking about painting is always superficial. We have lost our real directness. I mean if you read even in some of these translations from the Oresteia there are things that are so direct and so violent and so shocking in a way to us. We talk in such a dreary, bourgeois kind of way. Nothing is ever directly said."

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