Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tamaqua Artist in Residence....ME.

In April, I was informed that I am the first recipient of the Tamaqua Artist in Residence program in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. I get to go there on the 21st of June for three months, painting, painting, painting, is what I am supposed to be doing. I'm sure I'll be taking in all the sights of this wonderful city that I've been to a number of times. I was introduced to the city of Tamaqua by my friend Joseph Marioni. It was quite a few years ago that he told me he was moving to this city to have a better space to paint. He and his friend who later became my friend Stephen Bennett both got giant spaces out there and began making them their own. Just this year it was announced that there is now an AIR program there, so I applied and after a round of interviews, was announced that I will be the first Artist In Residence.

You can see it's a hilly town, lots of wonderful places to hike, and bike. It's also 2.5 hours away from NYC which makes it fantastic for the traveling person.

Here's the studio. Which is much bigger than my present studio by a factor of 10. With ample light to spare.

Here's the announcement on facebook telling people about me. Click to see a larger version.

I'll be compiling a strip bound diary book to showcase my first art residency. I'm putting them up as a campaign reward for an indiegogo fundraising campaign I am working on. It should end up looking something like this...

Thanks for your interest. Can't wait to share the first pics from my travels.

I'm also now in the process of raising funds to help make this residency a triumphant one. I can use all the help you can give. And I appreciate every bit. Please click the link to learn more.

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