Tuesday, July 8, 2014

07-05-2014 (Exalted Ruler)

First painting made in the Elks Lodge Studio here in Tamaqua Pennsylvania. I have titled it as I usually do, which is to have it be the date that I finished it. But because this painting has a significance for me, being that this is my first art residency, and I am painting in an Elks Lodge. I have decided to give it the subtitle of Exalted Ruler. It now sits in the studio where the Exalted Ruler would sit. And will do so until my time at this residency has come to a conclusion.

72" X 52" Acrylic Paint on Acrylic Yarn on Painted Wooden Chassis.

As you would see it in the studio, where the Exalted Ruler's throne would be.

I have included this image ^^ to allow you to right click on and be able to open up in a much larger viewing area. Giving you access to much more detail.

This was taken before I put it back on the wall. You can see the underside detail better in this image.

Right side detail.

Left side detail.

I always like to include side perspectives of my paintings in reproduction. This time I get to show off the painting in a much more open area.

And onto the next painting.

Please do help keep this residency going for me by contributing to my indiegogo campaign.



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  1. Really nice piece! Your residency sounds like heaven.


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