Monday, August 25, 2014

White Suite

Sitting in the studio one day while working on what became Throne #1. I had a vision of a painting that wasn't immediately viewable at a distance, one that you almost might not even see. In this studio sits a far wall with two doors flanking it. It was here that the idea began. The original idea was a permanent painting to take place over the entirety of the wall. But alas, I knew this was a temporary space and the painting would not last. I didn't want that to happen at this point in my life. I then began to plot out a painting that would be movable like the rest of my work, but could be in a sense "camo" to the wall. Hence the idea of the white painting with white yarn and a white chassis. Once the first one was complete, I spent the next couple days admiring it, and thinking of doing a suite. After the 2nd day, I began work on the suite. I felt it had to grow to an amount that would really engulf the viewer, but would also be portable. One of my favorite sizes of paintings that I make is the 22X16" format. I love it's symmetry. Come check it out for yourself...

There is still a few days to see these paintings in their natural environment before they are moved to the Tamaqua PA Community Arts Center.

And please don't forget the September 13th is the opening of ELK PAINTINGS at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center.


  1. this is a really nice looking series. Is the "yarn-spinning' random or do you pre-plan it; they look consistent in density. And do you use the same (which)
    white in all?

  2. They are planned out in some and random in others. It's all in learning about the materials and how they can be used.


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