Saturday, December 6, 2014

10-20-2014 and realizations...

I always feel like I get caught up on one aspect of being a painter. Usually the making part of things. But today, being an artist is so much more than just making the art. This website is a big part of being that artist. And must be attended to regularly, and with that, I say an honest sorry that I haven't been up to date on things here. My mind is always focused on new work and new ways to make my paintings, and even though there is as many hours in a day as you put into it, I know that I haven't been doing that. If I had I do believe I would be in such a better place for myself, I am tired of being in this predicament and am ready for a serious change. Time to put more hours into my life. Enjoy this new painting that was the first photographed by someone other than myself. Learning art photography from Portrait Painter Stephen Bennett has really given me more a sense of my own photographs. 

Acrylic on Acrylic Yarn on Wood Chassis.
22 X 16"
55.88 X 40.64 CM
Photos by Stephen Bennett


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