Thursday, January 29, 2015

Interior, Exterior, and Textural...

My newest painting... 01-15-2015 has really upped the ante about how I am not only an exterior painter, the paint no longer sits on a flat surface. The paintings now also have an interior, one with which I am striving to learn about and explore. There is not much written about interior painting at present. There are only a handful of painters I know of that deal with the interior. Granted from looking at their work, their interior is not the same as mine, there's is more a byproduct of the exterior, whereas my paintings are definitely dealing with that elusive interior space between the front of the painting and the back, which my new paintings also deal with. What becomes of the wall, and the space that became the back of the painting, never looked at by anyone who didn't have the painting in their hands. In my original Yarn Painting #1, the interior, like the rest of those painters, was hardly there. Focusing more on the surface, and exterior. I blocked out as much as I felt I could of it, and only gave a slight nod to the interior, by showing off the chassis. With the birth of the larger Yarn Paintings, the interior became inevitable and I began to realize it was something I needed to learn about.

66 X 41.5 IN
167.64 X 105.41 CM
Acrylic on Acrylic Yarn on Painted Wood Chassis.

Left side interior detail.

The interior of this painting are really shown off in these pictures. You get the best sense I can give you in reproduction of how the light plays into the interior and finally onto the wall behind the painting. Click on the image to see a larger version so you can have more to enjoy.

These days I think a lot about Lucio Fontana along with Fabian Marcaccio. The two painters I feel were the first to explore the interior of painting.


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