Monday, March 9, 2015

Armory Show Fair: Contemporary Side Part 2

Continuing my personal Armory Show fair tour...

Jan Albers really caught a lot of people's eyes at the armory, including mine. This piece at 1301PE Gallery in LA really excited my viewing pleasure. The work is created with layers of foam insulation, glued together, and then attacked with a chainsaw and acetone. Then painted various times until it is just right. A feast for the eyes most definitely.

First time seeing a Kapoor like this. For those that know me, you know I don't get to NY much, well some will say I get there way more than others, but it's still not enough to really get to see all my favorite artists, including Kapoor. Thanks Carolina Nitsch for bringing this.

Robert Ryman @ Peter Blum Gallery AND I found the signature, way at the bottom very small. I've heard you can always find his name in the work somewhere the eye is allowed to roam. Great painting really opens up to the sensitive observer.

I've been a fan of David Reed's since before he picked my work to be in the 2000 juried exhibition for the Ohio Art League. Which in fact was the last great juried exhibition that focused a lot on painting. Here we find a suite of Reed's plannings for paintings. Filled with notes about his thoughts and ideas about the upcoming painting. Peter Blum had one heck of a painting filled booth, not just Reed, but Richter, Ryman and Zurier too.

Johnen Galerie brought some quite interesting work to the fair, especially this work by Prabhavathi Meppayil. What appears to be a while monochrome, you see is actually white covered over copper wire that was embedded in the surface. This is definitely a work that will change over time. I am looking forward to witnessing this work in 20-30 years and seeing what the copper does with the surface.

You can't know about every painter in the world, but these Armory Fairs are definitely turning me onto some I never knew about before. Case in point, Raimer Jochims and this amazing green painting with an integrated frame. Will definitely be on my research list for the future. Thanks Johnen Galerie for bringing it to my, and many others attention.

Carsten Nicolai is an artist you don't hear a lot about, you mostly hear about him in the experimental music world. But he's been making quite a name for himself as a painter and these show his development as what I feel is quite a quality painter. Even the frames seemed perfect for the work, which usually (99.9% of the time) I hate frames. Yet another set of work from Galeria Lorcan O'Neill Roma that I had to share with you.

Rachel Whiteread is exhibited at the fair with this wonderful cast door made from Acrylic Resins. To be honest, I used to have a big problem with her work, but one day it clicked while I was watching a Rothko documentary by Simon Schama and the section where Rothko goes to the Medicean Library really made it click for me and her work. She wasn't trying to keep people in, she was trying to keep them out. At least that's how I saw it, since then she's become well on my radar. Glad Galleria Lorcan O'Neill Roma brought this wonderful piece to us in NYC.

Anish Kapoor is always on my radar, and this one definitely excites me. Such a gorgeous world of blue, I find it interesting personally that it is about the same color as a painting I did and have gotten much good feedback about. Quite glad it was brought, but I don't remember the gallery, maybe Lisson.

Another new to me artist Kristjan Gudmundsson, at i8 Gallery in Iceland, the work was done with thick graphite bars in an almost iChing fashion. Quite a wonderful piece that I absolutely enjoyed witnessing in person.

This is the first I, along with many, probably saw Irma Blank's work in person. I was very impressed by the beauty and inventiveness of her work. Mostly working with ballpoint pens or their inks on poly, she creates wonderful worlds of blue, and the substrate allows the light to penetrate and excite the surface of her work. Definitely work to be seen in person and I'm glad P420 brought the work here from Italy.

This is the second time I saw an Angel Otero painting at the fair. The first one was on the other side of the space in another gallery booth. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing both of these paintings. I've only seen these two of his oeuvre and look forward to seeing more of his work. Glad Kavi Gupta brought the work, which I felt was the best in the booth.

Anyone that knows me, knows of my appreciation for the painter Jason Martin. One of my favorite living painters. The man has pushed painting in quite amazing new ways. One day i hope to have a handful at least for my own personal collection. I thank Galerie Forsblom for bringing this amazing painting to the pier.

Part 3 to come. Man I took a lot of pics.

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