Monday, October 10, 2016

TENSION: A Single Painting Exhibition

Thanks to Jeffrey Cortland Jones for curating this exhibition in his space CORRIDOR in Dayton Ohio.

The opening was on Friday. I drove out with a good friend and we had a wonderful time talking with people and seeing the rest of the art that was going on in the building.

As always. The documentarian that I am, I had to film the painting in the exhibition.

I chose one painting for this exhibition, mostly because of space considerations. I know I could have put 4 or more in there, but I wanted to give the viewer one representation of my work to focus on. I know artists when they get exhibitions they tend to want to cram in all their newest work. I made sure with this exhibition to do neither of those. This painting is...

30.5" X 67"
Acrylic on Acrylic Yarn on Painted Wood Chassis and Incorporated Aluminum Frame

The exhibition will be up in Dayton at Corridor/Divisible until the end of October. If you would like any other information about it. Please feel free to ask. You can also find out more here if you are on Facebook.

More pics.....

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