Saturday, September 20, 2008

09-14-2008 (For Sebastian)

Here's the newest addition to my long line of paintings. And the newest in my Dedication Series.

This one is dedicated to the Formula 1 Driver Sebastian Vettel who recently became the youngest to win a Formula 1 Race from Belgium. It was quite an astonishing race. I was working on this at the beginning of the race and it dried as the race was in session.

The Painting, like all the others in this series are all 10" Wide X 18" Tall.

Here is a lower detail of the painting. You can really see the texture quite beautifully in this pic. Along with the rest of the painting. It is quite a beautiful painting. Reminding me of a red Bordeaux along with a great loaf of bread. So naturally it makes me hungry looking at this.

Here's a nice pic of the top of the painting.

Here's a nice side view, where you can see the side and the amount of texture on the canvas.

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