Monday, September 8, 2008

For Yves

I've now got my newest painting which I have subtitled "For Yves" whom is one of my absolute favorite painters.

I've always admired the fire and passion that Yves Klein had. He is one of the only artists who has invented his own color. IKB, International Klein Blue. Though it looks a lot like Ultramarine Blue, it truly is a different color. Which you can read more about here...

You can find out more about Klein here...

As a way to show my love for my fellow painters, I have begun to make paintings that remind me in one way or another of my favorite painters.

"08-14-2008 (For Yves)" 18" X 10"
Acrylic and Wood Filler on Canvas.

Here is a nice photo of it on my studio wall with a new piece I am in the process of working on.

And with these images you can click on them and see just how much detail is within these paintings.

Thank you, and have a wonderful week.


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