Friday, October 17, 2008

Meeting with new friends

A few weeks ago I spent my weekend on a trip to DC to visit their museums and more. But mostly to visit the Philips Collection and see the Symposium on Painting that was taking place that Saturday. Among the speakers was my good friend Joseph Marioni. Who was speaking on the section that seemed to be the most about actual painting. I'm trying to get in touch with the Philips Collection to perhaps get a dvd copy of the symposium, which in all was very interesting. Lots of great points were made and if it hadn't been for the hour time limit of the sections, I think the symposium could have gone a few hours longer than they had set it up for.

While I was there in the first intermission, while speaking with Joe on the importance of mass transit in large cities. We were greeted by Timothy App, who is a brilliant professor at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art). We got into a couple great conversations about art, and he even mentioned he was a great fan of my favorite art documentary...Painters Painting by Emile De Antonio. After the next break I asked him what his favorite part of the film was and he told me it was the piece on Larry Poons. I mentioned that it too has been my favorite section of that film and began to embark on a nice long chat about Poons and Frank Stella.

As the day grew on I knew that this conversation with Timothy and his friends was the first really great talk about painting I had been in for a long time and how much I wanted more of that. Since then I have been on a method of getting my ass to NYC where I can meet other like minded painters and artists of all kinds.

You can learn a lot more about Timothy in this fantastic interview.

you can find out about his paintings here too...

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