Friday, October 31, 2008

New Painting, new thoughts.

I do believe I have finished another painting today. The sun has gone down hours ago and the paint in in the middle of it's drying stage. I worked today with a wonderful color I haven't worked with in years, probably not since 2000 have I worked with this color...Quinacridone Violet. And seeing it as it dries makes me wanna work with it more. It just has such a sensuality of it's deep bluish red color. Not quite Purple but dark enough for other people to consider it purple. This is also the first time I have worked with Guerra paint and pigments additive called Antifoam. I felt the need to get this after many paintings that ended up with pinholes in the surface color that while it doesn't really irritate me, it did take away from my views on the perfection I am struggling to achieve on the canvas. Or loose perfection, I might I am always adding an element of improvisation to my work. As I am looking over the surface I now see the absence of pinholes...or no where near as many. I guess i'll have to wait till the paint in fully dry to find out for sure.

From looking at past entries to the blog, you can tell it has been a little while since I last finished a painting. In that time I have been accumulating a number of canvases that are sitting along the walls, just waiting to have their surfaces in the same state that this new one is in. And seeing this one and how well it has turned far. Makes me long for the next birth of painting that I can accomplish. I don't like calling my paintings finished. Because it is not the end for them, but their beginning. As they are being fitted for their big moment in the stark light of the galleries that they are to eventually visit.

Thanks for reading. And thanks going out to Art Guerra who helped to create this wonderful Antifoam for acrylic paints. If you are an artist who finds that their drying paints do get pinholes in them. Try this product. You will be happy.

You can find out more about this company through their site and in NYC @

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