Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quote for the day...4-11-09

Today I bring you a quote from Jason Martin. A painter I have admired for quite some time, since I first saw an advert in Art In America back in 1999.

"I find that whenever I see a painting I always look at the edge anyway, because the edge informs you of the history of the painting - what's gone into making the surface. The time aspect of what has built this surface up. You can tell all sorts about the painter by the edges of their paintings. Just how open they are, I suppose." Quote taken from Transcript Magazine in an interview with Alan Woods.

To me this quote rings oh so true. Almost immediately after being confronted with viewing a new painting, I always check the sides...somewhat to see how it was attached to the wall. And to see just how the painter made said painting. Sometimes I feel as if I am more interested in the sides than in the surface of the painting.

You can learn more about Martin's paintings through the links below.


  1. ive been obssesed with the edges of paintings for a very long time...


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