Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thoughts on painting in the modern day

Painting today, unlink picture making. Is but an alternative to pop culture. Those who make the three second image onto canvas. Something you don't need to spend time with, soaking it in, digesting it's textures, it's colors, it's forms. It is not made of borrowed imagery from everyday life. It is apart from imagery. It has more to do with the spirit, than to do with a shovel. A painter spends many hours with his works. Living and learning all their intricacies, and giving the painting time for it to work it's magic on him.

Most people today are so hung up on movement, that even when visiting a slowly moving space, such as a museum. They do not learn to slow down, and proceed to blast past each and every painting. Treating the visit almost as a contest to see how fast one can view every piece. Spending more time reading the captions than breathing in all the life that surrounds them.

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