Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My week in PA

Been spending a few days reflecting on my past week with my friend and painter Joseph Marioni. It seems like everytime I talk to Joe, in person or on the phone, I learn a ton of new things. About painting, about life. The guy just seems to know a ton of fantastic information. So much so that when I'm around him I don't wanna ask too much to tick him off from this young'un asking too many questions.

I remember him telling me about his space in PA and how nice it was. I never got the idea in my head about how it was until I saw it. It just made me wonder if I have any depth to my imagination, as I seem to not be able to do much for visualization of spaces and the scale of paintings. It could very well come from the scale of my paintings being so much smaller than those of the painters whom I admire.

I took a few photos while I was there. I never did ask Joe to take a photo with me, I don't know why I did that, could come from my desire to not impose myself onto people, but sometimes I do need to be a bit more on the pushy side.

Anyway here are some of the various pics I took.

Here's a photo of the first floor gallery space with Joe's paintings and some of mine that I brought to show with him. He had only seen my work in reproduction, like so many other people.

Here's the wall with one of Joe's stretchers. A friend remarked that this stretcher is more Art than most people's art...which I agree. If only you could see this magnificent piece of woodwork.

I got to help Joe uncrate this painting after Joe, Stephen and I spent some time moving the crates around. Man those things are built like a tank.

I also got to meet another great painter while I was there. Stephen Bennett, the Portrait Painter. An amazing painter who travels the world painting indigenous people of the land. Along with his many commissions. A truly nice guy who has a love for life and a love of music. The guy is really into House music, so I gave him a few cd's of my mixes, to which he remarked that they were better than a bunch of the cd's he had actually bought. So THANKS Stephen!

If you are going to Basel this year and the Art:Basel. Make a point to check out the Joseph Marioni exhibition there with 4 of his large format paintings. They really are tremendous and I can only wish I too was going there to see those paintings.

Have a wonderful week. J

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