Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Sanctuary for Light

Just wanted to show some photos I received from my friend Alan Ebnother and the people at Art:Basel who took the last two pics of the installation from Joseph Marioni's Sanctuary for Light at this years Art:Basel. I'm looking forward to getting more photos from Joe of the installation, which should be in my inbox in a few days. Then I'll be happy to share these pics with everyone on here.

Pic courtesy of Alan Ebnother.

Pics courtesy of Art:Basel.

Included here is a press release for the show.

This is a unique opportunity to see a major work installed to his specification. The room is 750 meters square and part of the presentation of a four part work designed for the room as one piece, each working in transition to each other within the scaled environment that he designed.

"Marioni has conceived this special project as a model for painting environments that he proposes to create in specific public and private spaces. The unique element in Marioni’s vision is that his paintings will be created on site and in an encounter with the natural light of each location. Each Marioni ‘Contemplation Room’ will belong to its special environment. My sense is that this initiative represents something innovative, and I am confident that you will want to discover this experience for yourself in Basel.

Mindful of Rothko’s thoughts on how his paintings should be grouped together, which culminated in his celebrated chapel at the de Menil Foundation, and embracing later notions of site specificity from Minimalism, Marioni envisages an exploration of the encounter between color, local natural light and specific architecture. Where Rothko’s paintings look inward and seek seclusion, Marioni’s vision leads painting into a distinct relationship with the global environment of the future."

Enjoy and have a wonderful week.


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