Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Untitled" A documentary on Modern Painting.

This is to become a historical document on modern painting at the beginning of the 21st century. And I hope one that will be as beloved 40 years from now as the seminal 1972 painting documentary by Emile De Antonio 'Painters Painting' is right now.

This will be a film with an emphasis on interviews with painters. Along with commentary from art writers, critics and curators.

Painters i have already received confirmation to be interviewed include...

Joseph Marioni:
Marioni is a leader in high modernist painting.

John Zinsser:
Zinsser is a leader in duochrome painting.

Max Cole:
Cole is a leader in minimalist painting.

Michael Brennan:
Brennan is a powerful source in modern painting.

There are a number of other painters I am in negotiations with for being included in the film. You'll be advised on them as they make their decisions.

Writers and Curators I have received confirmation to be interviewed include...

Carl Belz:
Belz is Director Emeritus of the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University, along with being a writer in many art books.

Klaus Kertess:
Kertess is the curator of the 1995 Whitney Biennial along with being a gallerist and writer of many art books.

James Elkins:
Elkins is the writer of such books as 'What Painting Is...', 'How to Use Your Eye's' and is also a professor at the School for the Art Institute of Chicago.

Matthew Deleget:
Deleget is an artist, and runs the Non-Profit Minus Space in NYC. Which showcases the best in modernist and contemporary art.

I am going to be getting a lot of help from friends on this project, many of whom have a lot of film experience.

This film is currently in pre-production and donations raised will go solely into the funding of this documentary. This includes equipment, research, conducting interviews, editing costs, and miscellaneous financing. All funds will be used for the film. If we exceed our budget goal, all proceeds will go toward the production budget. With your funding help through Kickstarter, we'll be able to move forward on this film with less hurdles.

Any donation is very appreciated to help me achieve this dream.


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