Friday, February 4, 2011

Marc Ross & Molly McNitt

Just got back from a tremendous show in Columbus Ohio. Painter Marc Ross and Sculptor Molly McNitt are having a show called Recounting the Sublime at Marcia Evans Art Gallery.

Marc makes paintings that contain layer after layer of beautiful color that makes for a very moving painting experience. One that changes as you move around it, along with how the light is illuminating. I'm definitely going to have to visit the gallery again this week to see everything in the wonderful glow of a southern light. Molly makes some amazing sculpture with bent and cut wood. She layers veneers together and bends them to her will and allows them to become gracious curves and flowing shapes. Definitely two artists who's work you would enjoy seeing in person.

Here are a couple photos from the show. I'll have more in a few days.

Here you can see how the paintings looked with the flash on.

And with the flash turned off. Here you get to see more of what they look like in person, and also how they change with the different lighting situations.

One of McNitt's sensual sculptures.

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