Monday, February 21, 2011

Slight changes equal big changes

While working on my new painting '02-17-2011' I was contemplating the impending change in my life it could possibly bring. As would be seen through my catalog of paintings. I have been toying with the true allover color painting for a long time. In the last year my work has undergone what I feel are major changes, with this new painting comes the culmination of over 15 years of developing myself as a painter. From making hard edge to collage to paintings depicting who knows what, and onto my development as a painter of textural color. I have spent a lot of time making a lot of paintings and will continue to push the development of myself as a painter deep into my future.

Painting goes on.

25.5 X 16"

Click to enlarge...



  1. this is probably your best piece yet!

  2. Very dramatic! Love the red showing through the bottom.

  3. Thanks William. It was something I am still developing. I like the idea of it too.

    and Net knows I am thankful to him too. But I figured i'd share it on here. ;-) ;-) ;-)


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