Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Materialists Installation at The Painting Center

On a balmy Sunday afternoon, I met Art Guerra and Anders Knutsson on Greene Street in Soho, put my big painting in the back of their truck and they took it to Chelsea. We've been planning this for months and the day of installation finally arrived. Thank you nature for such a wonderful day to install a painting exhibition in NYC.

I began my day in Peter Reginato's studio putting together the stretcher for my second biggest painting. It's funny how it looked so small in his studio and so large in mine. Took a good two hours to restretch the painting. Usually I work from the middle to the corners, but this time I worked mostly in the corners, doing everything I could to stretch the canvas back on the support. After all that work, I knew that I wanted to buy a better pair of pliers for stretching. Hands hurting and muscles aching, the painting finally sat correctly.

The other paintings I brought were all easy to move to NYC so there was no need to restretch them.

We met Nils Hill at the gallery and went about dropping off the work. Anders and Shazzi (the director of The Painting Center) wanted to install the exhibition on their own. We left them and Art and I headed for Williamsburg to drop off my painting for the salon exhibition at Richard Timperio's Sideshow Gallery.

Here's a couple photos before Shazzi and Anders began their work.

The exhibition begins on the 2nd of January, and the opening ceremony is on the 9th of January. It runs until the 25th. So there's plenty of time to go witness a great painting exhibition. And just to let you know, there are plenty of painting exhibitions in January of this year, including Michael Brennan at Minus Space, Daniel Levine at Churner and Churner, Paul Behnke's curated exhibition Eight Painters at Kathryn Markel, Jason Stopa at Novella, and Lori Ellison at McKenzie. I think there's a few more others but I don't know exactly yet. Going to be a great month to kick off the year.

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