Monday, March 31, 2014

Peter Reginato @ Andre Zarre Gallery

Those that know me, know of my deep appreciation and admiration for the sculpture of Peter Reginato. Creating his own form, formula, and formations. He has been enjoying a successful exhibition at Andre Zarre Gallery in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.

529 W. 20th Street 7th Floor contains some of the most innovative and provocative sculpture in New York. Sculpture is one of the hardest things to speak about, trying to describe three dimensional work to someone is damn near impossible. As the Painter Joseph Marioni says, "Language is not sight specific". This work is truly a dance for the eyes. Get down there before April 12th, 2014.

Photos never do justice to the power in these two sculptures as they battle for dominance in the room.

Another side of Rough Play amongst his playful drawings, some of them turn into much larger paintings that are just as playful and energetic. They energize every room.

View as you enter the gallery. My personal favorite of the exhibition is the wonderfully yellow Johnny Wadd. I love the balance and tone in this sculpture.

On the right is Rough Play, which I felt truly deserves it's own room as it is a sculpture that can fill a space with it's energy.

The Spanish Poet

Yet another angle from The Spanish Poet.


  1. Wonderful posting, Jeffrey. This truly is an exhibition that exudes happiness, light, color, energy and movement - bravo to Peter!

  2. Thanks Jeffrey ..I never saw this until today...Peter


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