Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spitball @ Storefront Ten Eyck

While out and about on Sunday I felt like walking around and seeing what other galleries I could find. My mind immediately went to Storefront Ten Eyck, a gallery that painter Deborah Brown has been running since 2012. The gallery was originally in a small space on Wilson Street but recently moved to a giant space on Ten Eyck where there is plenty of room to move around and for her to share larger artworks with the public.

Spitball is an exhibition coming from the minds of Kris Chatterson and Vince Contarino, referring to themselves as Progress Report. They run a blog that showcases artists in their studios and talks about the creative process. Check out their website, you'll spend a lot of time in there. The exhibition itself contains the work of 15 artists of all kinds of styles. Here's a few photos from my visit. Unfortunately even I don't know who most of these works are in the photos. So you'll just have to go down there and find out for yourself.

A painting in a small bedroom space, made the space feel like a temple.

Looks like someone is blowing up Anne Truitt.

Deborah Brown paintings in the side room.

Matthew Deleget work in the front room.

It's hard to write about a group show without focusing on a few select pieces. I want to tell you what I thought and felt as I took in the exhibition, but frankly if you know my writing you know I don't want to feel like I am planting thoughts in your head. Go enjoy it until April 6, 2014. 324 Ten Eyck St, Brooklyn NY 11206

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