Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Dialog on Painting with Michael Bravo

It was about two weeks ago with a friend, Linguist Michael Bravo came to visit. We got to talking about my work and what you are about to experience is the culmination of that day, along with many views into my work you may not have seen before. This is in some ways, the only way I can reach out to those who have not yet seen my paintings in person, and to give them some of the views of my work that I get to enjoy everyday. There are so many wonderful views in these paintings and this is my only way of sharing them with you. Until we can get you to see them in person.

Enjoy. BTW, the audio was recorded with a Zoom H4n which is kind of binural so you'll hear me more in one side of your speakers and Michael in the other side. It's quite the amazing device for recording. It's what i've used in my interviews since day one.



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