Saturday, October 3, 2015

Stephen Maine @ Hionas Gallery

I was granted the opportunity to visit the season openers for the NY art world last week. In my personal opinion Stephen Maine at Hionas was THE exhibition to see. The sublime is still around and Maine is clearly finding it in these paintings. Unfortunately I am late on my writing about this wonderful exhibition as it is coming down very very soon. If I were living in the NYC area, I would have been down to see these paintings at least once a week. Truly a painter who deserves a lot more attention, and hopefully this exhibition is going to do just that. Seeing the two large format paintings in the front room, last few pics in this group, you are really taken in by them. They really push themselves onto you the viewer. Almost all large format paintings have some sense of power to them, but not all of them give off the sensation of desiring to jump into them.

Check it out here. The photos can be clicked and enlarged.

The two paintings in the front room, below. I am looking forward to seeing how Maine pushes his future paintings and how the extra space opens them up to all kinds of possibilities. This exhibition deserves to be witnessed in person.


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