Tuesday, September 10, 2019

This is How the Wind Shifts

It's been almost a year since I have updated this website. Here's the new one!

I got a message in a late August evening from my Colleague and Friend Jeffrey Cortland Jones, cool thing is he was asking me if I wanted to be in a show to open the season at his Curatorial project he's been working on for years in Dayton Ohio called DIVISIBLE.

Here's the best way to find the gallery online.

Naturally I accepted and began wondering which works were going to be included. I knew I wanted the three new mid-large sized paintings I recently finished this year, along with some smaller works I found a great balance of paintings that I felt would make a strong showing to the public.

Friday I sat forth in the car with the two largest 48X36" before the back seat and the rest fit just perfect in the trunk. Everytime I set forth in a car with an exhibition full of artwork I am reminded of the stories I would hear from other painters before me, where they painted a certain scale simply out of necessity to how to move and store them. I never wanted to be one of those painters. I used to really like it the best when I could use my Fathers truck, since you could easily fit a 6foot by 5 foot painting in the bed, actually you could fit more like 5 of that size if they aren't super textural. Been wanting to get a truck again for a long time.

Once the paintings were moved into the gallery, Jeffrey sat about hanging the show and did so within ten minutes, the guy knows how to hang an exhibition and he doesn't mess around with unneeded things. We changed one painting wall for another since the Green and Blue (07-04-2019) painting was originally on the wall of the red paintings.

The evening was tremendous. Loads of people to talk with all evening. Lots of great questions and happy faces. Was very nice to meet you and laugh with you.

Thanks to Jeffrey Cortland Jones and Heather Jones for the opportunity.


Photo by: Jeffrey Cortland Jones

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