Wednesday, October 21, 2015


09-24-2015 is the title of the newest painting of mine. The second using Fluorescent paint for the chassis. This painting measuring 66 X 41.5 Inches is what has become one of my favorite sizes of paintings. It's right between Institutional size and residential size. Just easy enough to move around on my own but also being just bigger than a regular human. Giving one the sense of calling it "Human Sized" and being correct. Fluorescent Red chassis really makes the whole painting vibrate, playing off the white of the yarn and the play of white over yellow acrylic paint. So much to look at visually, the variations of play upon the eye are almost literally endless. There are so many viewpoints to take into account when viewing a painting like this. I even lay on the floor and look from as far down as I can get, compounded with Dirk Serries Microphonics music, the sensation is just one of visual bliss to me. This is the first painting I have completed since June and I must say Thank You to all that helped keep me going in this time. Here's to looking forward to the future. All my best to you!

And for a little bit of Dirks music...


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