Monday, March 14, 2016

Last of 2015

As I remember the ending of 2015. I believe painting wise, it ended on a seriously positive move.


Work number 3 in my continued work with the primaries. I love working with red, yellow, and blue, but I don't want a reference to Barnett Newman, even though all my painting colleagues can't help but make the reference. Click on the pics for larger more detailed views. Enjoy!

along with.....

#2 is my first painting I made with crushed coal included in it. The coal came from a friends house in the surrounding Tamaqua area where coal is pretty much everywhere. I felt like doing a few of these types of paintings and this was the first. The first painting from 2016 is also made with that same crushed coal, it's just not as caked on as the above painting. It felt good to have that painting finally done, as it was once finished but the black and white color scheme just didn't work, so I am glad to finally have this one complete. I was originally looking for a silver texture to use as background, but as I was making the silvery paint, it simply wasn't working the way I was making it, so you CAN see a little bit of silvery texture behind all the black, but you really have to get in there and look.

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